Here you can download pdf of the schedule of the 2021 IASJ Jazz Meeting in Munich, Germany, 5-10 July 2021

2021 IASJ Munich Schedule 1

2021 IASJ Munich Schedule 2 

2021 IASJ Munich Schedule 3


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International Association of Schools of Jazz

IASJ: the world-wide network of performers, educators and researchers in jazz

In mid-Germany on a misty and rainy April day in 1989, a dozen interested people in jazz education came together, invited by David Liebman. Plans were made to do something for jazz students, teachers and heads of departments. The idea for the IASJ Jazz Meeting was born. Over the past three decades the IASJ Jazz Meeting has brought together thousands of jazz students who became the top performers of today, jazz educators who constantly reinvent jazz pedagogy, and jazz directors who determine the future of jazz and jazz education.